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Reborn Nation and Mother (GULED ALI KAHIN)


Reborn Nation and Mother (GULED ALI KAHIN)

Source: Awramba Times

Throughout the known history of making, human beings are at their highest achievements in every aspect you look at. The accumulated experience, knowledge seeking of our past forefathers is the surely the foundation of all that we achieve today. This progress was supposed to cure our ailments’, eradicate war and bring humanity together more than ever. Instead, it is obvious that the opposite is happening everywhere. East, west, up north and down south Brother against brother, neighbor is against neighbor – a universal cry of kill and wailing of mothers and children has became the norm of the day. Death here, suicide there is all that media podcast. Peace, progress and the good side of humanity is hugely over shadowed and rarely talked about. It is really depressing. We should fight this by spreading instead the good deeds and peace happening around us. I am fighting that in my case and here by present an aspiring and happy ending events taking place right here and right now. Here it is.

For ions the successive rulers of this country, culminating with the Derg junta, practiced a policy of segregation aimed at the majority of Ethiopians. In this defamed policy, worst hit were our [Ethiopian-Somalis] people. All subjugated people were at least recognized for their nationality – being Ethiopians – but not the Somalis whom were considered as aliens. It is believed that Somalis just follow where ever the camel herd goes and as such have no rights in Ethiopia. Can you imagine the atrocities suffered by our people in the hands of the succeeding rulers?We suffered in every aspect you look at; educations, health, social infrastructure – you name it – were nonexistent in our region. A Somali youth aspiring to higher education was unheard of as it was impossible to get a fair grading of national exams. Having a Somali name simply warranted a failure grade instantly. To mentions few of the scarcity, only one high school [at Jigjiga] existed in our whole region- where Somali ethnic students were less than 5%. Roads infrastructure were too a dream – with the exception of a grade c paved road that connected Jigjiga to Kabridahar built solely for the connection of army barracks dispersed throughout the country. A Somali in the national city of Addis Ababa was like a white elephant in the pack, ridiculed for his cultural wear. To add insult to the injury the so called Somali state across the border also instigated a brain drain mass exodus by the false pretenses of being the saviors of tomorrow. Pen and paper will not suffice for all the grievances we felt under the past regimes of Ethiopia. To summarize – Ethiopian Somali Society were hopeless and dead – buried under tons of earth!

All that changed the day the Sun rose. The day the last blood sucker regime – the Derg – was over thrown by EPRDF. The suffering and plight of all subjugated Ethiopians sized – mainly the unbearable able one suffered by our people. Soon after the long struggle and sacrifices of all Ethiopian nationalities succeeded and materialized, the right to self administer guarantee was proclaimed. Under these new found rights, our society – in a stark contrast to yesterday – became the most beneficiary. What a change! The foremost losers of yesterday turned into the foremost gainers of today. To put it in short, this was a call for the long time dead society to rise from the grave. Historically a rarely witnessed rebirth of a nationality materialized. To assure that the reader appreciates and fully understands this rebirth let me highlight some facts about the present situation of our society and a related moving story about a selfless hero doctor and reborn mother.

A warning to start with, since this society is like a new born child – who naturally starts with crawling, a step here and there, the inevitable falls and then graduates to a walking – our society is also slowly but steadily recovering. We err, fall to our face now and then – like the child – but are happy and content with the knowledge that we are equal among our other brother nationalities. A lot remains to be done to regain full recovery and progress. But I believe what we have achieved so far suffices more than enough to certify our new born status. To mention one achievement we feel proud and cherish most. – the rarity of Somali youth in higher education institution is no more. The one high school of yesterday is replaced by 141 high schools, the famous Jigjiga University in Jigjiga and above 12 higher education institutions throughout the region. Germinating from these abundant bases of elementary, junior and high schools Somali youth higher education attendance is well established and we are already ripping the fruits of our new found educated generation. With the effective leadership of his excellence president Abdi Mohamuod Omer who diligently promotes a consistent handing over of leader-ship reins to the younger generation – our educated youth are already the nerve center of our administration and serving at many prestigious national level positions outstandingly.

Why I have chosen to proudly present our societies higher education achievement is very simple. It is an uncontested fact that the progress of a nationality is gauged by the number of their higher educated group as they are the key to a better tomorrow. This is proven beyond doubt by the following aspiring and moving incidents taking place right now in our midst.

Dr.Abdulaziz completed primary and junior school from 1982 to 1988 G.C in Assabot kebele. Since secondary school was not available in his home village, he left his family to join secondary school in Asebeteferi and attended it from 1989 to 1992 G.C. Dr.Abdulaziz graduated from Addis Ababa University – Faculty of medicine with Doctorate Degree in Medicine on February 28, 2002 G.C. He rejoined the same university for post graduate study and received Master Degree in Ophthalmology on Nov, 2023. Dr.Abdulaziz was among those who benefited from the newly found equal right and equal opportunity manifested in our people’s constitution. After graduation he opened an eye clinic here in Jigjiga – a really needed health category in our region. He instantly became a favorite doctor beloved by every patient for his respect, follow up and utmost diligence of treatment. Dr, Abdicaziz was in no time well settled and financially all set for the rest of his days. He should have been content with that – like many of his peers do. But no- it was not Abdulaziz’s way. After having seen the plight and suffering our society suffer from eye disease and realizing that those who come for help at his clinic or where ever else are a minute percentage, he decided to undertake the establishments of nonprofit group that undertook a huge and very much needed endeavor. Then with the immeasurable bear of his excellence president Abdi Mohamuod Omer materialize the establishment of Mobile Eye Clinic Services For Free was born.

Mobile Eye Clinic Services For Free started their services across the whole region. So far they have covered 12 districts of the region, 21,051 patients were screened out of which 3,907 patients were operated for cataract, 2,160 patients received eye glasses after correction of their refractive error and 2,740 patients were tread for treatable eye diseases. Patients who never got the chance to seek help due to mainly lack of knowledge – they did not know their condition were treatable. For the few who knew better, financial constraints prevented them. What a life time chance they got. Free treatment at their door steps and an end to the unimaginable gloom of darkness and helplessness, and all that with their own son! What more can one wish for!. Of those treated the most memorable one is Maryema Aden Dhuh a mother of 6 children whom has been blind for the last 37 years reside in Fik Woreda, Kebele 02. With the self less effort, expertise and the ever present ALLAH help she regained full sight. What a miracle! And what a happy day for her, a heart touching moment was when for the first the saw what her offspring look like! She identifies her children by their voices and newly introduced! A second chance to life and reborn mother in reborn nation!

Dr.Abdulaziz has proven that success by no means is how much wealth you accumulate.
While he could have continued to do that at his comfortable clinic office he chose to alleviate the suffering of his people by going way beyond his call of duty. He has set a bar for the rest of his peers! He has practiced in reality John F. Kennedy’s memorable saying “Don’t ask what your country can do for you. Ask what you can do for your country”.

This is the fruits of the Ethiopia People’s long struggle and a realization of the equality stated in our beloved constitution and we – the Ethiopian Somali’s – reborn again are ripping it by the tons!



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