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Leaders of Somali Federal Government and Regional States meet in Mogadishu


Leaders of Somali Federal Government and Regional States meet in Mogadishu.

A closed-door meeting on issues about Vision 2016 and Elections started today in Mogadishu, where Somali Federal government leaders and heads of Regional States struggle to reach a comprehensive idea to accelerate and build electoral committee.

According to sources, meetings came after agreeing on 4.5 clan-based scales (4 major clans & others) in forming the next Somali government, despite diversity between the leaders on many issues.

Though, details yet remain sketchy, sources to Jowhar.Com reveal that Somali President, PM and the Speaker went on special meetings overnight with heads of the 4 Regional States to boost the agreement.

Reports say meetings will focus on issues of selecting the next Parliament members and how they will represent clans, also shaping the influence of Regional States’ heads on those issues.

Leaders are due to make communiqué after the meeting.

Somali Federal government, backed by AU forces, ventured vast areas from its base in Mogadishu since 2011 after Islamists aligned with Al-Qaida deserted many towns in the south and central Somalia.

Source: Jowhar

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